Top 5 ways to style a single men's T-shirt

5 Creative Ways for Men to Style a Single T-shirt

5 Creative Ways for Men to Style a Single T-shirt

The fast-paced world of trends now offers not only great opportunities but also queries. And a decent T-Shirt is usually a clear solution to: "What should I wear these days?"

Whether it’s a round neck or a V-neck, a regular T-Shirt fits every occasion and is flexible to be your own. Each wardrobe includes at least one of them, that too with many different designs. People who are connected to the product and their favorite style, usually buy a few of the same type at the same time. As I am one among them. Haha!!

A well-fitting T-Shirt is a perfect solution for almost any occasion. At Xpior, we have browsed our Instagram account and put together a few skills to have a stylish and immortal look. Our Instagram handle is xpior_men_fashion. Do check out. With this recommendation, you can dress well for any event in just a few minutes without any confusion.


Here, we are Stating 5 Attractive Ways to Style a Single Men’s T-shirt:


 1. BE COOL: Tee Under an Open Shirt

Style a T-shirt under an Open Shirt

When warm summer nights say goodbye and cool days are announced, this looks like a very practical outfit. A Tee that suits snugly under an open shirt paired with bottoms such as chinos or jeans

Give a try to monochrome or striped patterns or with denim shirt fits best. Just be real and excel the look now.


 2. NEW STYLE: Tee as a Baselayer


Wearing a Tee especially as an "undershirt" reminds us of the past. The undeniable white T-shirt can be worn under business attire inside the workplace to eliminate the usual influence. 

Style a T-shirt with Sweater

Today, the sporty and versatile variation of the T-Shirt under normal attire, e.g. Sweatshirt. To give a very cool look, the T-Shirt can pop out from under the sweatshirt properly and be attractive to the eye.


 3. BE CLASSY: T-shirt Under Jacket or Blazer


Give your stylish office gown a fresh air and try something new by changing your shirt and T-shirt. If you want to make your business look casual and preppy, you could grab a T-shirt and pair it with a blazer. 

Style a t-shirt with Blazer or Jacket

This gives you a modern-day look, however, modern and common works. Blazer type will affect your look to be too attractive or too sporty. The best binding rule here is: a round neck tee is a must!


 4. WINTER STYLE: Tee Under Cardigan


The cardigan is a flexible dress. Most of the time, one layer on a multi-layer look, but you can also just wear it over the T-shirt and it looks great. That being said, this usually works in the first class with smaller cardigans, but some larger cardigans will work. 

Style a t-shirt under long cardigan

For example, a chunky shawl neckline looks great on a t-shirt, but a cardigan with a belt may look unusual.


5. NEW CASUAL: T-shirt With Hoodie


You may prefer a hood with a solid shade, paired with patterned or plain bottoms with a tee inside creates a bit of fun exploration and adds width to your outfit.

The best combination for slim men. A comfortable yet cool outfit for you is here.

Style a t-shirt with hoodie for cool look

Strong, “light” colored T-shirts are not only a safe option but also a great option. Printed Tees are usually be avoided, if you want to put prints on your t-shirts rather than comply with the rule "little is sufficient".


Muted tones including blue, white, or gray are suitable for almost everyone. You can also pair it with flannel shirts, skinny jeans, a well-tailored suit, or joggers.


So, above were the 5 unique yet attractive ways to style a single T-shirt. Hope you would try our styling tips to be a dream man for girls.

Feel free to ask us related questions in the comment section. Stay updated with us for more such tips on men's fashion. 

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